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Book Review+Book Blitz: Succumbing to Scars and Sorrow (#1 Sorrow Series) by Mary E. Palmerin

Title: Succumbing to Scars and Sorrow (#1 Sorrow Series)

Author: Mary E. Palmerin

Genre: New Adult



Lyla Harper is sure she will be alone for the rest of her life. After she leaves Kansas for college in Chicago, she hopes she will never have to face her dark secrets again. Four years later, Lyla lands an internship at a prestigious firm, hoping to plant her roots and close the door to her past forever. Unfortunately, Lyla is about to learn that the past has a way of finding her, no matter how well she hides.

After she is assigned to assist a marketing millionaire and notorious jerk, Lyla attempts to overcome her pessimistic view of the world and move on with her life. But after she lays eyes on her drop-dead gorgeous neighbor, Everett Brown, her secrets begin to resurface, prompting her to regress into her old coping ways. Led by curiosity and an undeniable attraction, Lyla pursues a passionate relationship with Everett and slowly beings to feel like a woman again. Now all she has to do is decide whether to tell him the truth.

In this contemporary erotic romance, only time will tell if a young woman’s new lover will be able to save her from herself as her past emerges from the darkness to confront her once and for all.  

**Graphic content, not suitable for readers under the age of eighteen**

Book Review

My rating: 4.5 of 5 stars

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I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

This is another beautiful story in Mary E. Palmerin's emotional Sorrow Series. I'm not sure how I can describe the beauty of the pain that is Lyla Harper, but I'm going to try. Lyla, who we met in the novella Secrets of a Broken Girl. Lyla has finally escaped her small town life. Fresh out of college, she is ready to take this city by storm and she's going to do it even though her weasel of a boss is a full on dirtbag who gives off some really creepy vibes. It's like waiting for a car crash you know is coming. But can we all just give a huge high five to Everett Brown.

  "I wanted Everett to love me so badly that I realized what I had to overcome. It wasn't my past events; those were just bumps in the road. I had to overcome my insecurities. I had to love myself, and I did."  -Lyla

Lyla truly believes she doesn't deserve love, but then Everett appears in her life and he shows her what makes her special. He loves her for her. And I love him for that! Oh god this book. This Book. It's crazy but Mary E. Palmerin just gets straight up into my tear ducts and forces those droplets out! There is a particular scene that just tore my heart out... So thanks for that Mary.

Overall, I'm giving this book 4.5 STARS out of 5 STARS. It's so emotional, so real. Mary knows how to write reality. And I think that scares me a bit because how many girls are out there in the world who deal with abuse daily and self deprecating feelings? It really makes you think not just about Lyla and Everett and the supporting characters, but of our lives and how we pass by people everyday and we never see the grief, the sadness, nor do we see the pain. It's a lot of food for thought.

Read by Taryn Lee on February 18, 2014
Reviewed by Taryn Lee on February 26, 2014
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About the Author

Mary E. Palmerin is twenty-six-years-young, is married and the mother to two small boys, and currently resides in Indiana where she is hard at work completing the Sorrow Series. She has been writing short stories and poems since she was a young girl, scribbling fairy tales down, writing poetry and short stories, all of which she has kept.

She loves to read and write. Every reader was a writer first. She enjoys telling tales that are emotional, raw, real life, and tragically beautiful. Mary strongly believes in evoking feelings through her stories and leaving a lasting imprint on her readers.

When she isn’t busy chasing after her boys and being a wife, her nose is stuck in a good book. She is a hopeless dreamer, appreciator of all literature, coffee addict, and tattoo lover. She enjoys traveling, red wine, HEA, and many fictional men.

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