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**My Book Service Requests Process**

Thank you for your interest in my services! 
Take a minute to read the process below. Thank you!

1. Please send an email to with the subject line: Book Review Request

**If you have a blog tour, release blitz, etc. already set up and want me to participate, go ahead and email the URL to me with the subject: Book Review Request.
(Note: sending this information in a separate WORD document for each book request makes my life a whole lot easier!)

details to be included in the email:

Author's Name

Author's Email

Type of Service Needed (Review, Book Blitz, Release Blitz, etc.)

Book Title(s)

Book(s) Synopsis

Book(s) Release Date

Goodreads Link for Each Title

Each Book's Genre (list as many as possible; fair warning: I do not review YoungAdult literature)

All Author Links Available (Facebook, Amazon, Goodreads, Twitter, Website, etc.)

Photos: Book Cover, Teasers (I think teasers look neater than an excerpt, but that's your choice), FB cover photo for your book, Author photo, etc.

Any Questions/Comments

2. After you have sent the email, I will look it over, and email you back my response! 

**Please be advised that I'm not only a book blogger but also I go to school full time plus I work all week long, etc. I am not always able to email back within days. Sometimes it can take me weeks or months. I truly apologize for this, but I'm not paid to do this since it's just a hobby at this point.

3. Happy Reading!

**Here's my Book Review process**

1. Once I receive your email, I’ll email you about the services I can provide you. That’s how we will exchange details.

2. Once we both agree to my reviewing your work, I'll have your book(s) read and reviewed within 30 days of the date stamped on the email that the copy of the book is sent in. I'm a pretty quick reader but I like to think about the book before I review it. I'll write a 100% honest review with a rating on a scale from 1-5 (0.5 ratings are common (e.g. 3.5/5 stars)). 

**If I believe the book deserves 2.5 stars or less then I will contact you about not posting the review.

3. I post the Review on GoodreadsMy Blog, My Blog's Facebook Page, and Amazon.

4. I ask that you share my review on your Facebook Page, Blog, Goodreads Page, etc. I feel that by helping each other our audiences will grow.

*As of now, I review for no monetary sum. Unless demand becomes high I will try to keep this policy intact.

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