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Hi Book Lovers!

I have this page set up so you can learn a little more about who I am and what my Book Review Business is all about.

I'm a 22 year old college student living in Southern California. I've lived in the same town my whole life. I study Business (with a hopeful emphasis in Marketing) and I love it. But something I found a few years ago is that I LOVE READING! Reading is a temporary escape from reality and I crave it. Books bring out creativity in readers that you cannot find anywhere else. 

I was in a soccer related accident in 2012 when I had to have surgery on my ankle, and I was unable to leave my bed for a whole month. After the first 2 days of doing nothing, but watching TV and listening to music, I found that I just couldn't take it anymore... I needed something new and fresh to spark my imagination... My friend recommended reading The Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy. From that point on I fell in love with reading. 50 opened me up to a world that was just at my fingertips. I've read so many books since then... over 100 this year alone!

I hope everyone gets a chance to read a good book that changes their lives... because reading sure has changed mine.

After reading books for months, I found a little site called Goodreads... okay little is an understatement. This is one of the greatest resources of books. You can recommend, rate, and review books. So I made an account and started reading and rating. And soon I wanted to write down my feelings on the book and what I thought.... But then I thought, "Wait! I can review!!" I know I'm not meant to write fiction but reviewing it can't be too bad... And it's not! I love reading and reviewing. So I made this blog... Then I made a Facebook Page

Unfortunately, I work part time, go to school full time, and I coach a soccer team. Due to these activities, I've had no time to blog in the past 9 months. I'm hoping this is something that (after graduation) I will be able to do again, but for now I'm appreciative that I can read a book, even if it takes me a week or two to finish.  (Nov.11.15)

Thanks For Getting To Know Me!!! 

Taryn Lee  

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