Friday, May 25, 2012


Dear Food Finders,

Frozen Yogurt has become the best treat on a hot day. This past week, it has really been heating up here in LA. So in order to cool down, I can drive to the beach or stop by my favorite frozen yogurt shop to get as much happiness in a little cup. Fro Yo bars have become very very popular in the past 5 years. Ice cream is out and Frozen Yogurt is in people!! I love it, but not because there are between 8-12 different types of yogurt to choose from or the fact that there is a whole bar of toppings from chocolate sprinkles to strawberries to caramel sauce to mochi (so delicious). I truly love it because of how inexpensive it can be!!

My favorite combo is red velvet with cookie dough and mochi on one side of the cup and original tart with strawberries on the other half of the cup. It's sweet and fruit all in one. The red velvet and the tart are absolutely amazing together!


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