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Book Review+Release Day Goodies: Keep Her (#2 Grayson Siblings) by Faith Andrews...GIVEAWAY!!

Title: Keep Her (#2 Grayson Siblings)

Author: Faith Andrews

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: August 7, 2014


The Grayson siblings are at it again—guilty of keeping secrets from each other when it comes to who they fall in love with. This time little brother’s best friend is the object of Riley’s affection and their intimate connection is impossible to resist.

Riley Grayson—snarky, successful, lonely. She’s looking for Mr. Right, especially now that her younger, reformed man-whore of a brother is living out his happily ever after with her best friend. If Marcus can find true love, why the hell can’t she?

Enter Beck Matthews, Marcus’s childhood best friend. He’s lovable, sexy, and oh, yeah—not single. But one night of drunken partying and wild sex with Riley and Beck may be rethinking his future. Has he been planning it with the wrong girl?

Although these two can’t stay away from each other, it seems the ghosts of their pasts are holding them back from what they really want. Can Riley and Beck overcome the threat of shocking coincidences and unexpected events that will test their trust in one another?

Find out if Beck’s love is strong enough to Keep Her.


My rating: 4 of 5 stars
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A gifted copy was provided by the author for an honest review.

If you can get past the prologue of this story without shedding a tear or two, then I'll be astonished. This book starts out so sad, but from Chapter one and beyond it's amazing! Going into it, I thought it was going to be a super sappy love story, but it was funny and full of drama and not as emotional as I first thought.

Riley Grayson watched her model brother fall for his dream girl, and now that he's happy, she should want her true love prince, right? But in reality she's pretty content with how her life is panning out so far... Until she realizes what she's missing in the form of a not-single-at-the-time Beck Matthews who she happens to have a little drunken sex with. And so what if it's the best sex of her life. She can't go there. She just can't... too bad she hasn't found a rational reason for why not.

Overall, this book is very cliche. But I think Faith Andrews does a great job of keeping the story vibrant and intriguing! I definitely need to give this book 4 STARS out of 5 STARS. I like Riley and Beck. They've always had a hidden attraction for each other, but it's the type that never bubbles to the surface since they both think the brother/best friend card just can't be messed with. I'll definitely read more of this author's work.

Read by Taryn Lee on July 25, 2014
Reviewed by Taryn Lee on August 6, 2014
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Faith Andrews lives in New York where she is happily married to her high school sweetheart. They have two beautiful daughters and a furry Yorkie son, Rocco. If she isn’t listening to Mumford and Sons or busy being a Dance Mom, her nose is in a book or her laptop. She’s a sucker for a happily ever after and believes her characters are out there living one somewhere . . .


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