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Book Review: Steal My Heart by Lisa Eugene

Steal My HeartSteal My Heart by Lisa Eugene
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

ARC provided by author for an honest review

Steal My Heart by Lisa Eugene is a novel I normally would not read because the blurb makes it seem much too Harlequin for me. But I'm surprised to tell you that this was a fierce novel!

You have Maggie Lawson, a germaphobe operating room nurse, who can't catch a break one night when she's forced to save a dying homeless man on a subway after being forced to ride said subway because her friend had too many stains in the car. I think Maggie's character was very realistic. I've met plenty of germaphobes in my life, and they all seem to act the way Maggie does. There were times in the book where it got to be a bit annoying, but I think I was annoyed because not everything has to be clean all the time in my head. You almost forget she suffers from an illness.

Bring in Gabe Masters. Hot. Sexy. Ex-Navy Seal. Homeless man on subway? When he first meets Maggie, he won't let her go... physically. She saves him on the subway and he gives her something that holds huge importance to his job. As he works his way through the novel, he becomes a man full of so many secrets, but underneath it all there is a huge opening in his heart where we all know Maggie would fit in just perfectly.

Together the two of them have amazing chemistry. They challenge each other, but have a soft spot for each other as well. I loved the way they interacted, whether it was out of hate, love, or annoyance they had a good thing going on. They are the type of book couple that I would love to see more of.

This is not your ordinary romance novel. There is so much mystery and suspense that takes over that at some points I forgot I was reading a romance novel. The suspense was written so well. I thought the ending was going to go one way and then it did a 180 degree flip. Lisa has a wonderful writing style. I would recommend reading any other books by her!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars!

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