Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Book Review: Complete Me (Stark #3) by J. Kenner

Complete Me (Stark Trilogy, #3)Complete Me by J. Kenner
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

First of all, let me start by saying this is a trilogy that I love. As a whole, it's wonderful. Book 1 and 2 really had me on the edge because they were so good.

But book 3 was just okay. I think there was so much build up and excitement that I set my expectations way too high. There was a lot of sex. And sex is good, but it was lacking something. It was the same old sex we've seen many times before. There needed to be a new flare to it. When you've had the same thing in book 1 and 2, there needs to be something to keep the reader holding on.

Now don't get me wrong because I'm still very much in love with Damien Stark. He is so powerful and so in love with Nikki Fairchild. I think their love is so bright and good when they both have incredibly gruesome pasts. I think Nikki finally found the love she needs and deserves.

The plot twist in the end was really great. I think it made the book very suspenseful, which was really good because it added a whole new element to the book. I liked that a lot. It was unsuspecting while subtle enough to work with the romance theme.

Overall, I think it was a classic J. Kenner style book. I would have liked to see some more originality with Damien and Nikki but the climax brought it all together.

Read by Taryn Lee on October 10, 2013
Reviewed by Taryn Lee on October 15, 2013

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