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Book Review+Release Blitz: Fallen (#4 Blood and Roses) by Callie Hart

Title: Fallen (#4 Blood and Roses)

Author: Callie Hart

Genre: Erotica

Release Date: July 8, 2014



For over two years, Sloane Romera has pinned everything on finding Alexis. Life was going to get better. Easier. Happier. The nightmare of having a missing sister was supposed to end, and everything was supposed to go back to normal.

However, now that she’s found her sister, Sloane is discovering that life has a way of ridiculing what we expect of it.

Nothing is easier.

And ‘normal’ is falling for a man who might never be able to feel the same way.



A lengthy history of breaking things with his fists has given Zeth Mayfair a fairly good idea of how to get his own way. But when his goal, the one, single woman on the face of the planet that he’s truly ever wanted, can only be obtained by fixing things instead of destroying them, how can he adjust a lifetime of violence in order to make her his once and for all? And how can he make sure that she is safe?

The first part is going to take time. But the second part…

The second part is easy.

He must kill Charlie Holsan.


My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A gifted copy was provided by the author for an honest review.

  "This kind of falling involves bumps and scrapes, and wounds too raw to comprehend."

WE ARE FINALLY GETTING SOMEWHERE! I've been an addicted reader with Callie Hart's Blood and Roses Series since the beginning! And finally, this book opened us up to who our characters are. I felt so many breakthroughs.

FYI, 4th book in this series: READ THE FIRST THREE! or this is going to spoil previous books.

  "She's stuck with me now, whether she likes it or not."

Sloane is kind of pissed. Or totally pissed. Or just ready to cut some heads off. Her sister is safe. Has been for a while since she's married to an MC president. Sloane is falling for her "helper"/man-who-makes-her-body-and-heart-feel-tingly Zeth. And now she's dealing with a whole lot of BS at the hospital where she works. While she deals with everything, she can't help but open herself up to Zeth. And in return he's shining a couple new lights on himself.

  "Zeth, my road trip partner. Zeth, my constant, major headache, more like."

Each new addition to this series becomes my favorite book of this series, so my saying this is my favorite book is to be expected at this point because our Sleth/Zoane are making things connect with each other. There's progress and obviously there aren't any hearts or flowers, but Zeth has a way with words...and weapons.

  "The room's already dark, and he wants me to make it darker. I guess that's how it is with us, though."

Overall, I'm giving this book 4.5 STARS out of 5 STARS. I just want more Zeth, Sloane, Lacey, Michael, etc. The writing is superb and the plot just keeps getting thicker and thicker. Be prepared to sit on the edge of your seat for this one!!

Read by Taryn Lee on July 5, 2014
Reviewed by Taryn Lee on July 7, 2014
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Callie Hart is a bagel eating, coffee drinking denizen of the greatest city on this earth. Born in Colorado, she moved to The Big Apple to study and undertake the Bar exam, and in the meantime she wrote this book! She lives on a ridiculously high floor in a way-too expensive building with her fiancé and their pet goldfish, Neptune. Deviant is the first installment in her Blood and Roses series. The next installment, Fracture, is scheduled to be released in April.


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